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Review: Vengeful in Love by Nadia Lee

nadia lee


Vengeful in Love by Nadia Lee Series: Hearts on the Line, Book 1 Format: Format: Kindle Edition, 262 pages Release Release Date: January 11, 2014 Source: Source: Amazon Freebie

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What I Thought:

I got this book as an Amazon freebie a few days ago (just look at that cover!), and I loved the synopsis. I'll admit I'm not really into the whole billionaire CEO love interest. I know, I know, "WHAT ABOUT GIDEON CROSS!?".. Yes, well, he's my exception. I never really found this type of male hero to be alluring because in my eyes, most billionaires pretend to be ALL alpha-male and dominating, when in reality they're nothing but a bunch of controlling, abusive and demanding bastards that need a good jab, punch, kick from the heroine NOT complete surrender *facepalm* But, much to my curiosity, I ended up reading the book and geez.. it was really good! 

I really loved the dynamic of this story. Alex Damon is out for revenge on the woman who ruined his family long ago, Emily Rodale. He is intent on taking everything from her as she once did them, and when he finds out Emily's goddaughter is working for him, he begins his plan by seducing Natalie. But Natalie Hall is nothing like he believes her to be. She is kind and loyal to those she loves and her job as well which causes Alex to falter in his plan, thinking maybe she's not like Rodale and her family after all. What begins as a game of seduction quickly spirals into a test of loyalty against corporate espionage and deceit filled with hot, unabashed passion.

Whereas in previous books the female leads have been nothing but disappointing, Natalie Hall surprised me and won me over with her resilience and her unrelenting lust. She made it no secret, though she tried so hard, that she wanted Alex Damon. Still, she was discreet and professional where it counted. She knows she doesn't just want a fling with Damon or any man for that matter, but she also acknowledges that she wants him, every naughty way possible. Another thing about Natalie I just adored was that she's Asian, not your typical heroine but I loved the change. She was found and adopted into an American family who live for their political campaigns. I really felt for her because her adoptive sibling and mother seemed to make it their life's mission to make Natalie's life miserable. Kudos to her for always staying strong, AND loyal to a family that never deserved it.

Alex Damon. Self made billionaire and all around alpha man. What isn't there to love? Of course I don't agree with his initial game plan to use Natalie, but being in his head and just seeing the way he treated Natalie definitely makes up for his lie. He wasn't an asshole with her, he was sweet and throughout the story he begins to question his intentions with her and doubting that she's even a spy at all. The best part? There was no instalove! *happy dances* There love develops slowly and it was so refreshing to read about.

Source: http://darkestaddictions.blogspot.com/2014/02/ViLReview.html